Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's on Your Bucket List?

This is my second post in my getting to know me series. There will be five installments.

What's on My Bucket List?/Bucket List Ideas

1. Swim with dolphins
2. Hold/cuddle a koala bear
3. Visit Australia
4. Visit all 50 states in the US. (I've been to 13)
5. Say no without feeling guilty.
6. Climb a mountain.
7. Learn to play the guitar.
8. Visit the UK/Europe. (My top places are England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Italy)
9. Learn to ski.
10. Get married.
11. Be a mom.
12. See a Broadway show.
13. Climb a lighthouse(s).
14. Write a book(s). (which I'm working on now)
15. Write a play.
16. Ride in a helicopter.
17. Horseback Riding.
18. Go on a cruise.
19. Learn to swim.
20. Learn to drive.
21. Go to a Celtic Thunder and Maroon 5 concert. (Insert favorite band or groups).
22. Zip lining.
23. Participate in a 5K. (preferably an inflatable obstacle one) [Note: Due to my heart condition, I wouldn't be able to run the whole time, but no one says you can't walk and just have fun]
24. Visit Mall of America.
25. Road trip across the US.
26. Hot air balloon ride.
27. Own my own home.
28. Be a spectator at the Olympics.
29. Go to a Notre Dame football game.
30. Go to the Ellen DeGeneres show. (Insert a taping of your favorite show) (sadly this might not happen as there have been rumors that this is her last season)

This is only a partial list of what I want to accomplish or hope to accomplish.

What are some of the things on your bucket list?


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