Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to Writing With Meg

Welcome to my blog, Writing With Meg.

Writing With Meg will be exactly that. My name's Meg and I will be sharing with you my writing.

Writing is my passion. It has always been something that I have always enjoyed since I learned how to write. I couldn't live without it.

I can easily remember the first story I ever "wrote". When I was little, my favorite movie was Beauty and the Beast. I wrote my own version of it - which means that it was more or less the story of Beauty and the Beast told in the perspective and writing of a six or seven year old child. Saying that, it probably had a lot of ands and run-on sentences, among other grammatical errors. My older brother read it and said I had potential (not exact words because I don't remember how he said it way back then) to be a writer. I believed him. That was my catalyst I needed to know that I wanted or needed to keep writing, to become a better writer, and to get published someday.

I was always the person who loved writing assignments. In my freshman English class in high school, we had to keep a journal. At the end of the semester, they got graded. My teacher's comment on mine was that I had a "good flow to my writing". That comment solidified that I was capable of becoming a writer and that writing was indeed my passion. It's one thing to hear it from a family member that you write well, but it's another thing to hear that from a teacher or someone else not related to you.

I will be posting flash fiction or short story fiction stories every Monday. My goal is to write them in less than 300 words. In May, I have a writing project planned - a glimpse into a non-fiction book that I want to eventually get published. It will be a series for a couple of weeks on here. but I'll talk more about that as it gets closer.


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